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Espèces Allochtones

“Espèces Allochtones” works with the concepts of Allochthonous Species (originating or formed in a place other than where it is found) and Autochthonous Species formulated in biological terms, from where we can draw a parallel with the field of social relationships, relating the statement on the removal of certain species which we consider allochthonous and the protection of the ones considered as autochthonous, with the justification of the current policies of European migratory control, the advance of the far-right governments, Brexit, the humanitarian disasters, the global warming phenomena, or the Antropocene, and with the consequent necessity of redefining the disciplinary tools of the architecture that these new scenarios are posing.
"Espèces Allochtones" was designed for the FRAC Centre Biennale 2017 "Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre"

Pics by José Hevia coming soon