hola!... somos mireia y alejandro y estas son las cosas que hacemos


ritual space for the celebration of the summer solstice (shell)

takk shortlisted at arquia/próxima 2014 award

sacred mountain is one of the best spanish works of architects under 40 by arquia/próxima

June 21 Pavilion

ritual space for the celebration of the summer solstice (work in progress)

spring 2014 esarq-uic design studio... towards an architecture of equality

braids, embroidery and jewelry, and other creative empowerment techniques


FAD awards 2014 shortlisted project

dreamhouse... model

sacred mountain

a soft place for hidden conversations


proposal of animalization facade for the Altamira Palace in Madrid

mountain... drawings

a space for conversations restricted competition

fall 2013 esarq-uic design studio... animism manifesto vol. I

rethinking continuities between the animate and the inanimate as a social practice of resistance

roure garden

fountain recuperation in barcelona, restricted competition


butterfly bar in the Park Güell, competition

takk at openlab's spanish pavilion for XIII venice biennale

young spanish innovative contributions in architecture


sundial prototype, competition first prize

takk shortlisted at arquia/próxima 2012 award

best spanish works of architects under 40 (under 30 in our case)

suitcase house

emergency housing competition, honorable mention

dwellings in el hierro

60 housing in the island of el hierro, europan competition, shortlisted project

the walls... FAD exhibition model

deconstructing an experience 

neighborhood in luanda

housing system, competition, shortlisted project

the walls are coming down

sensory activation space, people's choice FAD award 2011

emotional planning

with victoria expósito

It's warm, it rains inside, and smells like flowers

water desalination infrastructure, 3rd Iaac Advanced Architecture Contest, finalist project